Instant Cocoa is an Objective-C framework for making iOS apps. It makes intelligent guesses about how your system is set up using introspection, and provides convenient points to override those guesses when you need to.


Instant Cocoa components are designed to integrate easily with each other, making simple things quick and complex things possible.


Built on Objective-C’s protocols, Instant Cocoa lets you inject your own code and classes when the provided ones don’t provide the flexibility you need.


Instant Cocoa comes with lots of ready-made objects for common tasks, reducing the amount of boilerplate you have to write.

Instant Router

When push notifications and x-callback-urls come in, having a dedicated way to handle your URL schemas is a life-saver. Instant Router lets you register routes and automatically handles view controller allocation and presentation, so you can get back to making the stuff in your app that you care about.

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Instant Model

Instant Cocoa provides a rich model framework for representing your domain in memory. It can flexibly map JSON objects from an API, and perform API actions on each of your domain objects. Features such as Serializers and Value Objects let you write less code and more effectively model your business logic.

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Instant Data Source

Comparing section and row indices is a thing of the past! The Data Source module helps you manage all your index path logic with ease. Remote data sources can download and map objects from your API. Multi Data Sources can keep track of several data sources and marshall all their objects for you, putting each data source into one section, or preserving the sections of each child data source.

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